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The Conejo Family

Segundo and Luz Maria live in Peguche, a small artisan village outside the larger town of Otavalo in the province Imbabura, found in the Northern Sierra of Ecuador.

They have six children, four of whom work together to help produce the sweater that the Conejos sell through INTO. The oldest daughter, Fabiola manages each project and directs the work between her three siblings Segundo Jr., Blanca, and the Patricio with their parents. Fabiola lives next door to her parents, left alone to raise four children while her husband works in Japan to provide for the family.

The house where Segundo, Luz Maria and Patricio now live has been the home of Segundo since the age of one. Segundo, left orphan at a young age was raised mostly by his uncle who invented one of the technical pieces crucial to the man- powered loom the family uses.

The Conejos produce a variety of items but their sweater jackets, sold by INTO, are exceptional and of high quality.

Tambien se Borda Camisas y se Coce Anacos

en toda clase de telas

Mas informacion al telefono

(62) 690-135

"Peguche Barrio Central"

Casa de Don "28"

(81) 80-3902-5462 Japon

your contac to

[email protected]


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