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Antonio Maldonado Official Website

About Me

Vocalist Wind Instruments & Song Writer


Wayras Peguche   -   1985~1986

Proyección Ñanda Mañachi   -   1986~1987

Ñanda Mañachi   -   1987~1992

Tuhuamari   -   1988

Ecuador Inkas   -   1990~1992

Kanatan Aski   -   1992~1998

Sisay   -   1995~2022

Peguche Tiyu   -   2008~2022

Antonio Maldonado   -   2013~2022

Duo Taki   -   2020~2022

“Teatro Prometeo” Quito – Ecuador.

“Teatro Ágora Casa de la Cultura” Quito – Ecuador.

“Teatro Sucre” Quito – Ecuador.

“Teatro Municipal” La Paz – Bolivia.

“O’Keef Centre” Toronto – Canada.

“Kanatan Aski Condor Meats the Eagle” Canada - Tours 1993

“Junos Canadian Award“ Toronto – Canada 1994

“Sisay Tejiendo Nubes” Ecuador – Tours.

“Sisay Tejiendo Nubes” Japan – Tours.

“Munetsugu Hall” Nagoya – Japan.

“Solieyu Hall Kokura” Kokura – Japan.

“Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center Hall” Kitakyushu, Japan.


(Cree Language Clean Land)

Formed in 1992 on the eve of the 500th anniversary of European invasion of Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Kanatan Aski was a name given by Playwrite Floyd Favel from Pound Maker Reserve Saskatchewan.

The Native and Andes fusion band is composed by band leader and founder Ecuadorian born Marcos Arcentales, Louis Maigua (Kichwa Nation) Otavalo, Ecuador, Fernando Hinojosa Otavalo, Ecuador, Antonio Maldonado (Kichwa Nation) Otavalo, Ecuador, Louis Abanto, Peru and Jason Burnstick (Cree) Alberta, Canada. Kanatan Aski became popular in the genre of World beat music throughout the 90's.

In 1993 with the successful release of the album “Condor Meets the Eagle” the band brought together First Nations artists from across Canada to fuse Indigenous music with the likes of Floyd Favel, Monique Mojica, Pura Fè and the Eagle Heart Singers. With a number two spot on their first video release on Much Music under the World Beat Category the popularity of Kanatan Aski reached its height with a Juno nominee which included a live performance for the prestigious awards televised to more then 3 million viewers around the world.

Andean Colours and Andean Universe sound recordings would soon follow with a North American tour. By 1998 the band reached sales of over 22,000 CD units independently without any distribution.

In 1996 the band was joined by Jason Burnstick (Cree Nation). His contribution to the band gave Kanatan Aski a leading edge in the explosion of World beat music. Accompanied by Jason’s blues riffs and other guitar solos his influence persuaded the band to expand in new horizons of musical fusion. Soon after Jair Machado would join the band and contribute his percussion and flute performance.

Near the end of the 90's, Kanatan Aski sold over 26,000 CD units independently surpassing many indie artists in the Canadian music industry by independent promotion.

Currently, the band is reforming itself by bringing together a 15 year music project of Indigenous voices from the Americas titled Indigenous World which features the return of Floyd Favel, Pura Fe special guests Sierra Noble, Murray Porter and Jason Burnstick.

Indigenous World is an album with profund musical detail and precision sound, sung to the natural melodies of Inuit Throat Singing, string quartet, brass horn ensemble and Andes flutes. The much-awaited album Indigenous World will enlighten their audience by performing a once in a life time concert with more then 20 musicians on stage.


Is a Multi-Award Winning Native South American powerhouse ensemble who has been appointed as a Cultural and Music Ambassador from Ecuador.

They perform mixing Neo folk, Latin and Andean Jazz with Native American music installments to create brand-new sound and world.

This charismatic and beautiful Ensemble produces Music full of life, spirit, and energy.

Their mission of delivering harmony and balance to the people so they can receive the wisdom to connect with Mother Earth is still intact for the listener to experience so that.

SISAY’s music crosses continents and speaks to people of all races, Nations and generation, Their music, where the ancient and the modern intertwine, is a gift for us from Mother Earth.

Now SISAY have taken the interpretation of New Native American Music to new heights.

They have performed in 15+ countries, and countless cities throughout the world including China, Macau, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Ecuador, U.S.A, and Canada.

SISAY continues sharing their outstanding performances to the world and, now is considered as the main representatives of Ecuadorian and Andean music especially in Asia.

Spring Wave Music Festival 2015 in Taiwan: Awarded in 4th place

Ecuadorian Music Festival ”Pawkar Raymi” in 2005 Best Traditional Music Award Best Instrumental Award

Ecuadorian Music Festival "Equinoctial" First prize in 2006, Best Traditional Music Award & Best Song of the year

“The Culture and Music Ambassadors of Ecuador” from 2005 As awarded by appointment of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ecuadorian Embassy in Japan.

2020-SISAY New Year' concert ~ 25 years anniversary  Esplanade Theatre on the Bay ( Singapore )

2019-Singapore Botanic Garden [ Celebrate160th Anniversary ] Christmas Concert ( Singapore )

Beishan World Music Festival  Zhuhai ( China )

DJD World Music Festival  Baoding ( China )

2018-World Music Festival Taiwan  Taipei, (Taiwan )

Crossing Borders Singapore

DJD International Music Festival  Baoding ( China )

[EWM Music Festival ] Xiamen ( China )

Beishan World Music Festival Zhuhai ( China )

2017-Celebrate December ] concert / Esplanade Theatre on the Bay ( Singapore

2016 Celebrate 2016 Count Down Marina Bay Singapore Salud! Latin X'mas concert

2015-Esplanade Theatre on the Bay (Singapore)

2015-Tapestry Music Festival Esplanade Bayside Theatre (Singapore)

2015-Spring Wave Music Award 4th place, Taiwan.

2014-Esplanade Bayside Theatre "Jazz in July", (Singapore)

2014-SISAY Summer Concert 2014 organized by Macau Tourist Bureau

2013-ELDORADO concert in Macau Sponsored by Sheraton Macau, Macau *Fringe Festival by Macau Cultura Association.

2013-Christmas Live Concert Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

2013-Ecuador Concert Tour “ Tejiendo Nubes” Sponsored by Ecuador State *Cultural Association (Ecuador) 2012 Holland World Flower Expo. (Holland)

2013-The 5th Hakodate World Music festival (Hokkaido, Japan)

2012-Holland World Flower Expo (Holland)

2012-The 4th Hakodate World Music festival (Hokkaido, Japan)

2011-X’ian World Flower & Garden Expo Latin American Garden (China)

2011-Hangzoung Leature Expo China)

2010-World Exposition Shanghai 2010 P.R. China Latin American Pavilion, Shanghai, (China)

2006-FIFA Soccer Champion’s Kirin Cup 2006 ECUADOR vs. JAPAN Guest Performer Singing of the National Anthem

2005-Universal Exposition Aichi 2005, Japan Concessionaire of the Commercial Section of the Andes Amazon Pavilion host by the Governmentes of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Spring Wave Music Festival 2015 in Taiwan (台湾): Awarded in 4th place

Ecuadorian Music Festival"PawkaRaymi"in2005 [Best Traditional Music Award][Best Instrumental Award]

Ecuadorian Music Festival "Ekinokushio" first prize in 2006, Best Traditional Music Award, Best Song of the year

Appointed as "Culture and Music Ambassadors of Ecuador.” from 2005 ~ by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ecuadorian Embassy in Japan.